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ways to fix WhatsApp, whenever it's not working


WhatsApp, the most widely used texting programme in the world, is a vital tool for many people's communication. So it can be frustrating if it's not working for you.

1.WhatsApp might have deleted your account

The service does reserve the right to cancel your account after 120 days of inactivity, so keep that in mind if you haven't used WhatsApp in a while.

2. Check that you have a strong wireless connection.

If your phone's network isn't operating properly, you can have problems connecting to and using WhatsApp. Check for a WiFi or cellphone signal.

3. Restart WhatsApp

By closing the application and restarting it, you may frequently resolve the issue.

4. Verify if WhatsApp is unavailable.

View the WhatsApp status page at Downdetector to find out if the service is now down. You can use your browser to look up "is WhatsApp down."

5. Switch off your phone.

Alternatively, you can restart your device to see if it solves the issue. Most Android smartphones can be turned off simply holding down the power button for a few seconds.

6. Verify that WhatsApp is up to date.