The Final Minutes of Princess Diana: A French Doctor Recalls a "Tragic Night"

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The woman was unconscious & having trouble breathing as she lay slumped on the floor of a wrecked Mercedes. She was an unknown to the French doctor, who was just concerned with attempting to save her.

Dr. Frederic Mailliez's memory of what transpired in the Alma Tunnel near Paris on August 31, 1997, and the knowledge that he was one of the final persons for seeing Princess Diana alive, are still vivid 25 years later.

Mailliez, who was returning from a party when he saw the automobile collide, told The Associated Press, "I realise my name will always be tied to this awful night." "I feel somewhat accountable for her final moments," she said.

Mailliez recalled the events that followed the crash as Britain and Diana's admirers across the globe marked the passing of Diana 25 years ago.

That evening, as Mailliez approached the tunnel, he noticed a smouldering Mercedes that was almost in pieces.

"Four persons," he said, "two of them were obviously dead, no response, no breath, and the other two, on the correct side, were alive but in critical condition. 

He had a minute to wait. The female passenger, a young woman, was squatting on the Mercedes floor with her head bowed. Breathing was tough for her. She required immediate help.

He sprinted to his car to dial 911 and get a respiratory bag.

He declared, "She was unconscious." She had a little more energy as a result of my respiratory bag, but she was unable to speak.

The doctor then learned, along with the rest of the world, that the patient he had been caring for was Diana, the beloved national treasure of Britain.

He admitted, "I know it's shocking, but I didn't recognise Princess Diana." "I was helping out in the automobile on the backseat. She was quite attractive, but I didn't have time to stop and consider who she was since I was so preoccupied with trying to save her life.