Sandman, a Netflix original series, has accomplished the impossible.

The more you learn about The Sandman, the more you'll realise it's a story about storytelling. That is correct.

Neil Gaiman's magnum work uses nightmares as a gateway into mythology, history, and a critique of reality itself throughout the course of the first 75 episodes, not to mention all of the specials

Without a collective dream, what is a story? We are told that dreams aren't real, but stories & dreams have the power to radically alter both the storyteller &the listener, which can influence truth.

Neil Gaiman, the original dream spinner, said during Sandman's global premiere, "I've spent over 30 years stopping variations of The Sandman from being made."

It makes this devoted fan so happy to say that The Sandman is much, much better than it has any right to be after binge-watching all ten episodes more than once.