Samaritan Movie: Review, Cast, Summary 

Every other studio continues to release superhero-themed films and television shows in an effort to compete with Marvel, which continues to dominate the superhero market.

 Samaritan, the newest movie in the genre, stars Sylvester Stallone as a former superhero trying to flee from his glorious days as his city is consumed by crime. 

Samaritan, which promised to be yet more gritty and dark take on the category, sadly falls flat and turns an original idea into a typical superhero tale.

The complex history of Samaritan is introduced to us right away as twin superpowered twin brothers follow divergent life paths—one becomes the titular hero while the other gains notoriety as the terrorist criminal Nemesis.

25 years prior to the events of the movie, they both perish in a fire in their final battle. Some people yet maintain that Samaritan survived the crucial duel and is now hidden among the populace. 

Others expressed concern as well, with one follower writing, "Someone near to girl should conduct a routine check before she commits something she can't undo."

Enter Sam (Javon 'Wanna' Walton), a 13-year-old youngster who enjoys reading classic superhero stories and daydreams about locating Samaritan.

In the case of Samaritan, the film adheres to every clichĂ© associated with superheroes. The regulations of the fictitious Granite City, the identities of the main characters, and the operation of superpowers in this universe are all explained in awkwardly placed exposition sections.