Real estate deals in the North Allegheny region


Walmar Ramos Perez & Pneyda Vasquez Avila Santos purchased the property at 555 Dawson Ave. from RAAB Inc. for $190,000.

For $381,640, Joseph Ielapi sold property to Nicholas John and Paige Lafountaine at 47 S Balph Ave.


Kyle Helal and Dawn Furman purchased the property at 116 Cherry St. from Grant Watkiss for $220,000.

For $57,000, Tyler Nowakowski sold a home located at 45 Greeley Avenue to QZ Funding LLC.

William McTighe purchased property from Patrick McTighe for $70,000 at 3 Spring St. Ext.

Forest Park

Courtney Kuhn purchased the property at 1622 Brandtview Drive from Tracy Garde for $325,000.

Matthew and Amanda Scanlon purchased the property at 1603 Forest Ridge Drive from Chad Spencer for $448,000.

For $380,000, Lianhua Qu sold a house to Clayton Albert and Terra Cook at 1533 King Charles Drive.

Robert and Isolina Pendergast purchased the property at 5156 Amaretto Drive from Christina Varrasso for $600,000.

For $580,000, Vicki Lynn Ferguson sold a house to Jeffrey & Willow Moskyok at 4065 Circle Drive.

EK Restate Fund I LLC purchased the property at 3801 Greenfield Road from Jeremy McClintock for $375,000.


Radley and Arielle Haddad purchased the home at 1019 Goldeneye Drive from Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $1,406,730.

For $620,000, Dan Liu sold a house to Jamie Ania Walker at 309 Londonberry Court.


Eun Kyung Shin and Kangho Suh purchased the 158 Dama Drive property from NVR Inc. for $42,360.

Property at Dana Drive was sold by Leslie Road Assoc. LLC to NVR Inc. for $280,000.

For $582,000, NVR Inc. sold 107 Lindana Ct to 8 Murray 8 LLC.