Maneskin Performs 'Supermodel' in a Crude Way at the 2022 VMAs

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The 2022 MTV VMAs were held on Sunday, August 28, and after Maneskin member Victoria De Angelis showed off her Lil Kim-inspired ensemble from the 1999 VMAs on the red carpet, it was Damiano David's chance to make a scene during their electrifying performance of "Supermodel."

the bare-chested David was wearing chaps that showed his behind and had no trouble flaunting his assets. While an unfazed David partied with a group of dressed dancers next to him, MTV repeatedly zoomed out on the group's performance for viewers at home.

Despite the camera techniques, Maneskin's hit energised the audience and maintained the feelings. The rock group received its second No. 1 single in July.

Maneskin recorded their debut Moon Person earlier that evening after winning best alternate video for "I Wanna Be Your Slave" earlier in the evening. 

The trio, who were the first Italian group to win a VMA, acknowledged their historic triumph in an appearance with Entertainment Tonight. David was honest and said, "We didn't expect to win."

Many fans accused MTV of restricting the band's performance and denying them the chance to make their debut on the VMAs stage.

"Punishment for #Maneskin! Let's make nipples visible and free! The woman's breasts are restricted, but a male with his bottom exposed is acceptable! Misogynists, s—-! the #VMAs, "One fan tweeted about the incident and included a picture of it.

"Maneskin's act will be 90% censored at the VMAs, but they will perform with a 50-foot hologram of their entire body without raising an eyebrow. It consists of a covered tiddy and a guy ass. Get past it "Another supporter wrote.

Someone more tweeted, "Let's play a game about how many times Maneskin can get banned by the VMAs [tonight]."