Gabbie Hanna fans are concerned as the TikTok sensation uploads 100 videos in one day.

Gabbie Hanna's fans are concerned about the influencer's psychological health after she submitted 100 clips to her TikTok profile in a one day.

Fans were irritated not only by the overwhelming number of recordings, but also by a red statement scrawled on her glass in what seemed to be lipstick.

Few videos appeared to be religious in nature

"The issue about manic episodes is that you feel fantastic. You've never felt better. "She needs a family member or a friend to see her right now," one observer said, while another added,

 "Hey Gabbie, I think it would be great to reach out to a loved one!!" Spend time with somebody you care about!!"

Hanna previously claimed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, that produces significant mood fluctuations which include warm fuzziness (mania / hypomania) and lows (depression) (depression).

Others expressed concern as well, with one follower writing, "Someone near to girl should conduct a routine check before she commits something she can't undo."

Hanna subsequently stated that police had arrived and had given her a "health card" before departing.

In one of her more recent messages, she asks for prayers after reporting that somebody broke in her home. Three hours before, she let in a "stranger" named Nicolas, who stated he "felt lost" and "needed to use the restroom."

The Internet superstar, who is 31 years old, started posting online videos in 2013 and has since racked up millions of followers on social media.

In addition to releasing her first poetry collection, "Adultolescence," Hanna also released her first single, "Out Loud," in 2017.

In 2020, she published her second book, titled Dandelion. Both books eventually become New York Times bestsellers.