Democrat Mary Peltola defeats Palin in Alaska's special election.

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Democrat Mary Peltola defeated Republican Sarah Palin in a special election for the U.S. House of Representatives in Alaska, becoming the first woman and Alaska Native to win a seat in Congress. She also won the state's at-large district.

Peltola, a Yup'ik tribal fishery director and former state politician, became the lead immediately following the election on August 16. However, her victory wasn't certain till Wednesday, after Alaska election workers used the state's new voting reform system to make definitive second-choice counts.

Third-place finisher Republican Nick Begich III was disqualified, and supporters' second-choice votes were then given to the remaining contenders. It's too much to handle. And it's a wonderful sensation.

In an interview with The Washington Post conducted shortly after her victory at the offices of her campaign consultants, Peltola said, "I'm really thankful Alaskans have put their trust in me. 

The results of the special election in Alaska came after those of several House special elections held during the summer, in which Democrats performed better than President Biden did in their districts. 

As both parties prepare for the last stretch leading up to the Nov. 8 elections, the Alaska race adds another another data point to the indicators under consideration.

The Alaska race, however, may be more difficult to interpret as a reflection of the overall political climate than the other elections because it was determined using a novel, new voting mechanism.