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Recruitment of 49 persons through outsourcing.

Suspicions of not giving notification

Concern of student unions over irregularities

Nizamabad, September 26: The recruitment of staff in Telangana University by outsourcing agencies without giving notice is causing a stir. While the student unions allege that there were irregularities in the process, the varsity administration says there is no such thing. Up to 270 outsourced staff are already working under Telangana University in Dichpally, Nizamabad district. The newly-appointed governing body has recently replaced 49 people through outsourcing in the name of emergency work. They have been attending to duties for ten days. In fact, any appointment within the University must be approved by the Department of Higher Education. Notification must be given. But, all these rules were left to the varsity authorities. That is, the answer is that we have taken it for the sake of urgent work. Leaders of the V Darthi Sanghs are mistaken for this. Unemployed people feel that they are losing out by replacing new posts in an ‘outsourcing’ manner. Concerns have been raised for a few days that these appointments should be canceled and replaced through ఔtourcing method and applications should be given with my notification.

The situation is similar in the past

During the last VC regime, 40 people were replaced without any permission and they were removed due to the concerns of the student unions. The Easy meeting also erred in replacing the posts. Higher education officials have also been instructed not to recruit new students. Advised to work with existing staff. No appointments have been made for three years since then. After the recent arrival of Ravinder Gupta as the new Vice-Chancellor, the replacement of posts has started due to difficulties in the Corona background. However, non-compliance with the regulations, at least not the notification, has drawn criticism.

Replaced as needed

Many do not attend duties at the university due to corona. The difficulties are compounded by the large number of vacancies in the departments. We have taken some in the form of outsourcing as the staff is urgent. Wages will be paid to them only after taking Easy Permission. There is no truth in the coming allegations that money was collected in the replacement of posts.

– Ravinder Gupta, Telangana Varsity VC

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