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REET Exam Cancelled or Not – We’ll talk about the latest REET Paper Leak news here. On September 26, 2021, a highly competitive test will be taken in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Education Board administers a variety of exams to evaluate teacher eligibility. According to reports in the media, the Rajasthan Police Department has arrested four people who are attempting to leak REET results. Candidates are now inquiring as to whether or not their REET exam has been cancelled. We’ll keep you updated as things go.

The Rajasthan Eligibility Entrance for Teachers 2021 examination attracted roughly 16 lakh participants. Exam papers are said to have been leaked.

To ensure fair recruiting, the administration plans to re-examine 600 students. Many students, on the other hand, are requesting that the real test be cancelled. Students, on the other side, are urging the education minister to step down. The government took many steps to prevent cheating, including shutting off the internet. Rajasthan has become embroiled in a slew of issues as a result of these allegations.

Around 20 government personnel and authorities have been suspended after REET exam papers were reportedly leaked. In addition, 20 people were detained, including 12 teachers, one civil worker, and four Rajasthan Police officers. So many were asking that REET Exam Cancelled or Not.

REET Exam has been cancelled.

The Rajasthan Police disrupted an alleged plot to create dummy applicants for the REET 2021 examination on Friday. On Friday, four gang members were arrested in Rajasthan for allegedly pushing dummy candidates to take the REET 2021.

You’ll need to spend Rs 6 lakh on Bluetooth slippers to cheat on the REET exam. In Rajasthan, a cheating ring has been revealed. The gang revealed that they inserted gadgets into their slippers in order to cheat on the REET exam. Over a quarter-dozen people were arrested, and over a quarter-dozen people were interviewed. Women wearing Bluetooth-enabled devices in their boots were apprehended by the Rajasthani Police Department.

Slippers – A small battery and SIM card, as well as a Bluetooth-enabled micro-earpiece, were hidden beneath the soles of each slipper to assist candidates hear the responses.

Is the REET Exam being cancelled, and if so, why?

Now that the REET exam has been cancelled, it is evident that there was no cheating. Despite all of the proof, Raje claimed in a statement that the government was still reluctant to accept the rigging. “Not only has a scam been exposed in the REET exam, but also in the RAS, JEN, and SI exams.” Congress has announced that jobs will be auctioned off.”

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Over 16 lakh people sat the REET test in two shifts on September 26. In this exam, over 30,000 positions for grade three teachers were available.

The government has suspended 13 education department officials and three additional police officers for their roles in suspicious conduct and ineptitude.

Over the last few years, the Gehlot administration has been beset by leaks of government papers and cheating schemes. In the last year, this type of incidence has occurred in five major competitive exams: SI, NEET, JEN, Grade 3, and now the REET. So for the question – REET Exam Cancelled or Not is answered as yes, REET Exam has been cancelled.

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