Movierulz 2022/तमिल रॉकर्स 2022: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil HD Piracy Movies shall be shut down very soon

Movierulz: Piracy of Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Kanada movies will be taken under control, says the government of India.

The Government of India is taking steps for the closure of all Piracy websites like Movierulz 2022, Tamil Rockers, Jio Rockers and many other sites. In the recent times the Government of India has already warned the Piracy makers who were running those websites illegally. Now it says that, if this continues there would be a serious action them.

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Screenshot of a Movie Downloading Website which was block listed by the Government of India

Piracy Act in India states that, “Piracy is a criminal crime for which the Indian government has imposed some penalties. According to the Cinematograph Act of 2019, anyone caught recording a film without the producers’ express agreement faces a prison sentence of up to three years and a fine of Rs ten lakhs.”

Types of piracy

There are 5 types of piracy which include: Counterfeiting, Internet Piracy, Client-Server Overuse, Hard-Disk Loading, End-User Piracy.

Sites like Movierulz 2022, Tamil rockers and Jio Rockers comes under Internet Piracy. Internet piracy is the illegal downloading of a file from the internet or the purchase of online software via a compact disc. Websites that give free software downloads, auctions that sell illegally obtained software, and P2P servers that distribute programmes are all examples of internet piracy methods.

The Central IT Department of India as already block listed several websites, those are given below,

List of Piracy Websites

Name of the WebsiteURL/DOMAIN of the Website
Movierulz 2022Movierulz.plz

About Movierulz 2022

Movierulz is another famous piracy website for streaming and downloading Indian movies. Initially, the site only leaked Telugu language films; but, as the site grew in prominence, it began to release films in other languages.

Movierulz 5.7 is a popular thread for new releases since they leak new films on their first day of release, which has a significant impact on box office receipts. The website’s creators are operating the platform from a secret location. It is estimated that nearly 50M People use this website to download the piracy movies just on the day of the release.

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About Tamil Rockers

Tamilrockers is one of India’s most popular piracy websites. The website that regularly updates torrent files of Indian movies for free download. The website is well-known for publishing movies on the day they are scheduled to be released. Tamilrockers mostly focus on Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam films. They specialise in releasing dubbed versions of Hollywood movies in Indian regional languages.


Government of India is always active in maintaining piracy rules. Thus it is better to be away from the piracy. It may be by downloading the movies or by sharing the movies. Comment your suggestion below to kill the piracy in India.

Disclaimer: We do not promote the piracy movies. Read our Disclaimer for more information.

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