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Kolkata FF Result For Moment 4th July 2022 Kolkata Fatafat (FF) is a notorious lottery game in Kolkata megacity. It’s a Satta Matka grounded lottery system under which players go plutocrat on a lucky number they choose. The game is played 7 days in the week. So, Kolkata Results are available and streamlined for the lotteries daily. Actors who formerly played the game or are interested in playing can check out this post and gain some important details on the lottery game.

We’re giving details on the Kolkata FF Lottery results. Check the rearmost lottery results on this runner. Citizens can alike check the full format of the game and experience about how to play the game. Actors can also learn about how to check the results of the game online. Winning price plutocrat and associated particulars are also adverted in this post.

Round NumberTime [IST]
Round 114:03 AM [IST]
Round 214:33 AM [IST]
Round 301:03 PM [IST]
Round 402:33 PM [IST]
Round 504:03 PM [IST]
Round 606:33 PM [IST]
Round 707:03 PM [IST]
Round 808:33 PM [IST]

More about Kolkata FF Fatafat Result

As you know any lottery game involves Luck and also guess for winning the game,Kolkata FF Fatafat Result is also the same. This lottery game includes guessing arbitrary figures out of which some will be the hence- called Winning figures. In general, under any Gambling game, conjecture is done on the correct piece leading to the winning of any lottery.

But in Kolkata FF Fatafat Result the guesswork is yet not done on the available numbers, winning numbers are calculated in this game. Thus, only with important practice, such a game can be played. Interested campaigners can find generous sources for tutorials available on how the game is played. nationals of the state who are interested in all these games can share in the game by logging in to the sanctioned website gate of the lottery game.

As the gaming style is a Satta Matka fashion which is a banned match system in India. Still, Kolkata FF is played under monitoring authorities and is a legal business. Although, it’s largely advised to not risk your hard- deserved plutocrat if you’re someone new to it.
The game is simply played in Kolkata megacity and is available for playing all seven days of the week from Sunday to Monday. Any player sharing in the game can go up to eight moments in one day. Still, on Sunday, these chances/ Bazi are reduced to four moments only.

conquering Prize Money

Prize Money is an major aspect of any lottery/ adventure game. The lottery of Kolkata FF Fatafat Result alike comes with some instigative prizes to invite the people in sharing in similar lotteries. We’re listing below the prize plutocrat under this lottery game for colorful positions within the game.

Kolkata FF Purchase Price6 Rupees for every lottery
Kolkata FF 1st Prize1 Crore Rupees (Tentative)
2nd Prize9000 Rupees (Tentative)
3rd Prize600 Rupees (Tentative)
4th Prize260 Rupees (Tentative)
6th Prize140 Rupees (Tentative)

Check Kolkata FF effect Online

  • nationals who have shared in the lottery game and claim to check the results can now check it on the sanctioned website of the authority. The authority maintains the list on diurnal base. To check your lottery result, you can succeed these way
  • .
  • Visit the sanctioned website gate for the Kolkata FF Fatafat Result 2021.
  • On the open runner of the portal, search the Bazi Result for moment.
  • Results/ Winning figures will be present on the runner.
  • You can check these piece if they equal with your figured lottery number.
  • You’re a winner of the number appearing on the runner matches with yours.
  • Kolkata FF Result- Constantly inquired Questions

Will I get a refund for my plutocrat if I didn’t win the Kolkata FF Fatafat Result?

No. There’s no provision as to returning of plutocrat in similar lotteries, sharing campaigners can either win or lose the plutocrat.

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How Can one win the Kolkata FF lottery?

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result is a type of adventure game. There’s no full- evidence companion on how to win the game. Although, interested actors can give a watch to colorful tutorials available on youtube to help you play the lottery game.

Up to which position connection prices are offered in the Kolkata FF lottery?

Under this lottery game, the authority offers connection prizes to the winners up to the fifth position which is offered an quantum ofRs. 120/-.

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