Holi 2022 Date, Wishes, History of Holi Festival 2022

Date of Holi 2022

Holi is among India’s most well-known and widely desired celebrations. It is the festival of colours, unity, happiness, and wealth that spans all financial and religious divides.

So, when is Holi observed?

Holi 2022 will take place on March 18, Friday.

There are still 6 days remaining for the festival

Holi 2022 begins on Thursday, 10th of March, while Holika Dahan 2022 occurs on Thursday, March 17.

Holi 2022

Holi symbolizes the end of the cold season. Holi is celebrated on the last new moon day, or Purnima, of the month of Falgun, as per the Hindu calendar. As per the English calendar, it occurs between the months of February and March.

Name of the Festival Holi
Holi 2022 Date 18th March, 2022
Well Known as Holi / Festival of Colurs
God Worshipped Sree Maha Vishnu
Celebrated inThroughout India

Holi’s History

As per Hindu mythology, the former king Hiranyakashipu & his loveable sister Holika were granted immortality and the ability to kill no one in the cosmos.

Hiranyakaship’s son Prahlada was indeed a worshipper of Sree Maha Vishnu, and in a fit of wrath, Hiranyakashipu attempted but failed to kill him. Finally, he enlisted the help of his sister, Holika. He asked his kid Prahlada to sit on the fire in Holika’s lap.

Vishnu miraculously spared Prahlada while reducing Holika to ashes. As a result, Holi is a celebration of the ‘good’

triumphing over the ‘evil.’

As a result, Holi is a celebration of the ‘good’
Holi also honours the love and affection shared by Lord Krishna and Radha.

There are many stories regarding the different ‘ras-leelas’ that took place between Krishna and Radha during Holi in the towns of Mathura and Vrindavan.

On this day, Lord Shiva is said to have destroyed Kamadeva, the God of Love.

Holi customs and rituals

  • People play with colours and waters on this day, smearing ‘gulal’ on each other’s faces. Natural substances such as mehndi, kumkum, turmeric, and floral solutions are used to create these colours.
  • In the evening, huge bonfires are built, and cow manure cakes, firewood, ghee, dairy, and coconuts are poured into the fire to be worshipped. This is referred to as Holika Dahan.
  • People perform, dance, and dine with their families and loved ones, and in agricultural lands, Holi also represents the beginning of a new crop season – Rabi.
  • Large fairs known as ‘Holi Melas’ are conducted in several places throughout Uttar Pradesh and other regions of Northern India.
  • In Kolkata, Holi is known as Doljatra, a festival in which young girls clad in white and saffron outfits and decked with garlands and flowers sing and dance to ancient rhythms. During this ceremony, fragrant colour powder known as ‘abir’ is sprinkled all over the place as a statement of joy and happiness. On this occasion, special sweet foods such as malpua, kheer, and basanti sandesh are cooked.
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